[Sidenote, for more background on the plagiurism by Shia, please visit: AV Club article ]

Dear Shia,
I am not quite sure if you live in the same reality as the rest of us or you live in your own little world with your own rules. Either way, the rest of us think you’re an asshole. We may not all hate you as much as this guy:

But I can assure you that 90+% of the people who know who you are dislike you.
You may be asking yourself “Shia, why would anyone hate you. You were in the shitty Transformers atrocities”
Let us count the ways:

Despite a reported net worth of $25million, you still drive drunk.
You park like a pompous d-bag.
You threaten people with a knife.
Those are worthy things for people to dislike you over. But my beef is with the fact that, despite you being quite wealthy, you still feel the need to completely steal from hard-working creative people (*cough* Daniel Clowes *cough*)
I get that you want people to think you have an ounce of talent, especially after you stunk it up in such Oscar-worthy roles in Holes, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, and the Transformers flicks. If I were in your shoes, I would want to put something out that got me any critical acclaim at all.
But you completely stole from Justin M Damiano. It wasn’t an homage, it wasn’t “creative borrowing”, it wasn’t inspiration. It was flat out stealing.
You claim being inspired by the work of others to produce something new is creative work. That is probably true. However, that isn’t what you did. You just completely lifted Clowes’ work. You never reached out to the man. You never credited the man. You just stole his work.
For someone that has been pushing a short for so long, it’s completely insulting to try to say you “forgot” to credit Clowes. Had this been a project for a university, you would have been expelled for this complete and utter act of plagiarism.
Why not, for once in your life, act like a man and admit how wrong you are. If you ever want to climb out of the status of a complete fucking joke, you’ll say “man, I really fucked up and stole this man’s creative work. I’m not proud I did it and I can’t begin to explain why I did it, but I absolutely did steal.”
Maybe, just maybe, people would finally take something you did seriously.
I’m sure this will never happen.

From everyone with any sense of decency in this world,
fuck off, Shia.

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