We’ve been waiting years for a follow-up. It’s finally happening. With YOUR help.

Described as a sequel, prequel and remake to 2006’s Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, follow-up film Before the Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon has been in the works for many years now. David Stieve, the first film’s writer, penned a script quite a while ago, but efforts to fan-fund the movie never managed to reach the goals necessary to make it happen.

We hadn’t heard a peep about Vernon’s return until earlier this year, when it was announced that SOMETHING was happening soon. And we now know what that something is.

At SXSW over the weekend, where Behind the Mask was being screened for its 10th anniversary, the announcement was made that Leslie Vernon will kill again in the 8-issue comic book series Before the Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon. Essentially, it’ll be Stieve’s “spreemake” script in comic book form, and the hope is that the comic will eventually pave way for an actual film.

You’ve been dying to know what happened to Leslie Vernon after you saw him pop back up in the morgue during the end credits of Behind the Mask and here’s your chance! The screenplay for our sequel, Before the Mask: the Return of Leslie Vernon is being transposed into a comic series and we are ready to unleash it on you, our fans!

Now here’s the part where you come into play. An Indiegogo campaign has just been launched in an effort to fund the first three issues of the Before the Mask comic series, and it allows you to pre-order those first three issues. They’re expected to be ready to ship this coming June.

Head over to the Before the Mask Indiegogo to donate and learn more!

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