Hello all,

I know this is like a month late, but whatever. So many great toys came out in 2016 and I wanted to acknowledge what I thought were the best of the best. There were a ton of great figures that were left off the list (part by just being edged out and some because I’m forgetful). But here is my top 10 (in no particular order) for 2016. Enjoy!!

Onell Design-TMNT Glyos figures

Hasbro-SDCC exclusive Micronauts set

Hasbro-SDCC exclusive Fortress Maximus

Mattel-Thundercats Mumm-ra

Mattel-Skeletor 2.0

Mattel-Masters of the Universe Tuskador

NECA-Gremlins Bat Gremlin

NECA-Age of Ultron Hulk 1/4 scale

Sideshow-Harley Quinn 1/6th figure

SpyMonkey Creations-Battle Tribes War Tiger exclusive from Designer Con.

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