I’m not even sure what to say. 1/4 of the season down and both episodes were great.

Let’s jump right in:

Old man that found Jesse and his money: WTF? Dude, you need to A) run for that cash. I want to see knees to chest! B) hide that shit in case somebody bigger/badder than you also is finding cash.

Jesse: We get it. Your girlfriend was hot, but she was also a hot mess and messed with the wrong dude. You need to get over that. Take your millions and get a new hot girlfriend. Now you’ve got yourself back into an interrogation room with Hank. What’s going to happen? As much as Jesse wants back at Walter, he isn’t going to join sides with Hank. No way, no how. He may drop a ” Gatorade me, bitch! ” though.

Hank: Hank is a man possessed about getting Walter. He’s a lot smarter than we’ve given him credit for. But he had a good hand and he’s starting to play it poorly. I think he’s slowly walking right into Walter’s web. You caught Walter MF-ing White off guard. You don’t get too many opportunities to do that. You need to pounce, not wait.

Skylar: Seeing her meet up with Hank at the diner really had me thinking she’d consider talking. But she, too, is a lot smarter than we give her credit for. She knew Hank, with his poor shave job, was going to do whatever to get Walter and that means right through Skylar if necessary. She also saw his reaction when she mentioned the “L” word (lawyer) and smartly decided to make a scene to get out of there. She, much like Walter, was caught off guard, but Sklyar quickly recovered. I think she’s admitting too much to her sister and to Hank, but she’s playing it pretty well.

Walter Jr: Where’s Flynn? Shit is going down and he’s out with Louis.

Todd: Todd is the man. He is not only some comic relief, he’s also looking like he’s going to play out as a major plot line. I am beginning to feel that Todd is going to take the fall as the drug kingpin and a lot of things that Walter has done. But we shall see.

Walter: Money is buried. He’s figured out what Hank knows. He’s talked to the lawyer. He’s talked to Skylar. Now he’s just talking with Jesse short of being in full control of the situation. Hank better act fast if he thinks he can take down the king.

Thoughts I have: I think if Hank was really thinking straight, he’d work with Walter and get all of the other bad guys (czech ring, cartel, etc) rather than just one dude who is dying of cancer. But can he ever come to that sense?
What’s Walter’s plan? Walter built an empire. Although he’s quit cooking, he’s hinted about his desire to build new empires. I think that lust is still in him. I don’t think he’s just trying to dodge Hank and the DEA, I think he’s going back into the Empire Business.

Huell and Kuby (Sol’s guys played by comedians Bill Burr and Lavell Crawford) are awesome. We all know that since we first saw the storage facility filled with money, we all wanted to lay on it. True facts.

My head is still spinning. What are your thoughts? Is it sunday yet???

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