First a summary:
Todd leaves a message for Walt about the “change in management” and discusses stories of Walter with his uncle and a friend.
Hank tries to talk to Jesse in the interrogation room, but Jesse stonewalls him. Saul barges in, threatens legal action on everyone and gets Jesse out.
Walter still has his black eye from Hank. He reverts back to bumbling Walt of season 1 and starts trying to cover the black eye up with Skyler’s makeup. In the middle of this mission, Walt Jr says he’s headed to Hank and Marie’s for dinner. Walt knows what this is about and stops him by telling him the cancer is back.
Walt sits down with Skyler and begins to record a confession. We just hear the beginning.
Walt, Marie, Skyler, and Hank all sit down over dinner to discuss the situation. Hank and Skyler ask that the kids be left out of it. Marie asks Walt to kill himself. Walt slides a DVD to Hank and then leaves.
Hank watches the confession, but in it, Walt says Hank is the drug kingpin and manipulated Walter into being his meth guy. He claimed he was forced to pay Hanks’ $177,000 medical bills.
Saul and Jesse then meet Walt in the desert. Walt finds out from Jesse that nobody else in the DEA seems to know anything and Hank really doesn’t either. Walt tells Jesse that he’ll help him get out and start a new life. Jesse knows he’s being manipulated, but Walt just hugs him.
Saul gives jesse money to start fresh and hooks him up with a guy that can get him a new identity. While waiting for the guy to pick him up, Jesse notices that Ricin cigarette is missing from his pack. He hightails it back to Saul’s office and beats his ass. He said “The ricin cigarettes! He poisoned Brock and you… you helped him!”
Saul alerts Walter when Jesse leaves. Walt gets a gun he had hidden in the pop machine. Jesse pulls up to Walt’s house and pours gasoline all over. End of episode.

Ok…now where to start. First of all, you can see for the first time this season that Walt has a plan and is in full manipulation mode. He’s gotten a step ahead of Hank. He’s got a plan for Jesse. He’s even manipulating Flynn. Does Walt have this all under control or has this spun beyond his control?

Jesse was finally starting to come back around. But once he realized Walt poisoned Brock, it was over. There’s no coming back for Jesse. There is no way both he and Walt can survive. If Walt wants to make it out of this, he’s going to have to kill Jesse.

Hank has to start realizing that Walt is a really smart dude and may be a couple steps ahead of him. I honestly think that Hank knows he’s in over his head. I think that Hank is going to go vigilante and try to bring Walt down that way. He knows his career is over anyway, so he may as well do good.

Todd and his neo-nazi uncle are going to play a big part in things soon. They have to. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to feature them in every episode so far.

Where do I think this is going? I think Todd is going to royally mess up the meth cook. I mean, not just mess it up, but I’m talking disaster. Todd’s uncle is going to try to force Walt back into the cook. Walt is going to go rogue, Jesse is trying to kill Walt, Todd’s uncle is trying to get him to do the cook…Walt fakes his own death and uses the “new identity” guy to start fresh. The flashback is explained by Jesse wrecking the house and the neighbor thinks she’s seen a ghost (because Walt fakes his death).
I think I’m money on this…agree? Disagree?


PS: Saul has the best license plate ever!


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