Mr Lambert…welcome to New Hampshire.

Only one episode to go. Writer Vince Gilligan seems to be a sadistic sadistic man. Jesse has become a symbol of sheer and utter pain this season. The only beacon of hope he had in his life was Andrea and Brock. And Andrea took a bullet from Todd in the back of the head in front of Jesse. His attempt at escape failed and he has been beaten soundly by the world.


Jesse eating ice cream

Walter has also reached bottom. He is living in cold New Hampshire, he is alone, he is cut off from the rest of civilizaiton, his family is in ruins, his son hates his guts, and he’s getting his chemo treatments from a vacuum repair man. But I had an interesting thought. Is New Hampshire Walt’s purgatory? He has all of this time to sit alone with nothing to read or watch and just think about what he’s done and what he continues to do. This can go one of two ways…
First, Walt can go off the deep end and give in and basically be the Walt that lost all his money to Uncle Jack and still didn’t save Hank. Or with all of this time to think, Walt has had the opportunity to figure out the whole situation and has a master plan in place.

Uncle Jack, Todd and the crew sat around watching Jesse’s confession tapes and laughed and mocked everything Jesse has gone through. When they talked about the murder of a kid, Todd just grins. There is no soul in them. The show would seem very unsatisfactory if these guys didn’t suffer or at least die. And I don’t think Vince Gilligan would let the show happen like that.

And one thing that has thrown a monkey wrench into my thoughts on where things are going is the Grey Matter segment on TV. Nothing on this show is random or has no meaning. And with only one episode left, I cannot see them starting to put random things in now. I think Walt has a plan that involves them.

So where are we left with one episode remaining? Jesse is at the mercy of the Nazis. Walt has alerted the DEA of his whereabouts in New Hampshire. Flynn hates his father. Skyler is emotionally dead to the world and trying to make ends meet. Saul is on the run. Marie is a wreck.

Where does this go from here? The show is about Walt and Walt being a genius. Walt has had a long time to sit alone and think about how to get shit right and when Walt has time to plan, we’ve seen the results. I think Walt makes a play and gets the Greymatter charitable organization (the one mentioned in their TV segment) to funnel the barrel of money into the hands of his family. Saul mentioned that Mike was smart and couldn’t get money to his granddaughter. Mike may have been smart, but Walter is smarter. I think he took that as a personal challenge. And I think this is how it’s done.

Now on to the flash forward. Who are the guns for? I just have to believe that he plans to kill Todd’s crew to redeem himself for Hank’s death. In the process, he will save Jesse’s life as his final salvation.

Jesse will get his redemption by killing Todd personally and his redemption by taking care of Brock.

One final bit of thought: the state motto for New Hampshire is “Live Free or Die”.  I’m highly doubting this is coincidence.

Walt will use the ricin to get rid of Lydia and then turn himself in. He will succumb to his cancer while in custody, never going to trial.

Saul will come into play by being the one that manipulates grey matter on Walt’s behalf to get the money funneled into his family.



Team Todd

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