“You two guys are just guys, OK? Mr. White–he’s the Devil.” –Jesse Pinkman


Flashback: Comic of when Jesse confronts Walt about poisoning Brock.


No real need to do a summary here.
So where are we at?
To this point in the entire show, Walt has played Jesse like a fiddle.  Now that Jesse is breaking free of the mental prison Walt has put him in, he sees Walt as a supernatural being…the devil.  He thinks Walt could and would kill him at any turn and in insane/impossible ways.

Jesse points out to Hank and Gomez that they’re outgunned in a battle of brains with Walt and its true.

However, Walt’s Heisenbergian genius is beginning to fall apart as these last episodes unfold.  Jesse is posing a credible threat.  Hank has figured out his secret.  Flynn saw through his lie about the gasoline spill.  Skylar sees threw all of his bullshit and is even starting to manipulate him a bit.  Is Walt slipping or has his “magic” run out?


Hank trying to convince Jesse how they will catch Walt.

Skylar talks to Walt about the whole Jesse situation.  She tells Walt what needs to be done and I think everyone that watches the show would agree.  Walt is reluctant, but actually hears her out on it.  It’s much different than how quickly he rebuffed Saul’s similar suggestion earlier in the episode.  In both conversations, Jesse was likened to a rabid dog.  Is Walt honestly having a change of heart about killing Jesse or is he just humoring his wife?


Walt realizing that he’s not ahead of the game anymore.


The harsh realization to Walt that Jesse needs to be taken care of.

Who is Walt hiring Todd’s uncle to murder?  Big mystery.

Now comes to speculation about upcoming episodes.

There is an upcoming episode called Ozymandias (to air 9/15).  Ozymandias is a sonnet written by Percy Shelley.  The central theme is the inevitable decline of all leaders, and of the empires they build.  Does the title mean to throw us off or is it a clue as to what happens?

Until this week, I really and truly thought Walt would come out on top.  But things aren’t working out nearly as smoothly as they have in the past for Walt, nor does he seem to have things in control.  This, coupled with the title of the upcoming episode, and the fact that the rabid dog, Jesse, is still on the loose, I think it all crumbles down on Walt.  He may live, but both he and his empire have crumbled.


Walt looking for Jesse in his gasoline-soaked home.

Jesse?  He’s going to die.  I think it is inevitable.  Walt is looking for him.  Saul’s men are looking for him.  And now it seems as if Todd and his uncle are looking for him.  That doesn’t bode well for him.  Maybe if the DEA was trying to protect him, but it’s just Hank and Gomez and they are outmanned…especially considering Jesse is a hot head.

So what do I see happening?  Jesse will get killed trying to go after Walt and his family.  Maybe even by Hank to protect Flynn.  Walt will lose everything…his money, his family, and his empire, but he will get a new identity and be gone with Saul’s guy.  Hank will lose his job for not telling what he knew about Walt and Skylar and running an investigation outside the DEA.

I’m sure my thoughts will all change after next episode.  Only 4 more episodes ever.  What do you think will happen???

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