OMG! OMG! OMG! It’s been over 11 months since we’ve had a new episode of Breaking Bad and tonight started part II of Season 5 with a bang.



Let’s get through the summary.
Walt: He figures out that Hank knows the truth.
Hank: Knows the truth and wants to take Walt down.
Skylar: Still pissed at Walt.
Jesse: Still hatin’ on the game. Wants to give all of his riches away.
Walter Jr.: Still trying to get with Louis.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the episode.

The opening. With previous episodes of Breaking Bad, the opening is likely just something misleading. Vince Gilligan wants us to think that Walter is on the run. Maybe it’s true. But more than likely, there is another answer that will reveal later.

The ricin. Walter breaks into his abandoned home and unscrews the electrical outlet cover to reveal the vial of ricin.

Walter with ricin

Walter with ricin

Who is the ricin dose for? Is he trying to kill his brother-in-law Hank? My guess is that it’s meant for Jesse. At some point, he has to realize that Jesse is no longer his compadre/cooking partner. Jesse is a liability. And I think this is the moment when Walter decides to off his one-time friend.

Finding the GPS tracker. Hank has to realize that matching wits with Walter White is a poor idea, right? So why the hell does he put the GPS tracker on Walt’s car? Is he really playing his hand or is he bluffing?
I honestly think Hank believes he can match wits. Hank pulls all of the files relating to the case and tirelessly goes through everything.



Regardless, we have Jesse Pinkman going off the rail again. It’s pretty clear that Jesse was never meant for this life. The game has broken him and he’s more than past his breaking point (pun intended). He is hell bent on ridding himself of the blood money (the blood of Mike and all of his guys). He can’t launder it to get to the family of the boy on the motorcycle that was shot and he can’t get it to Mike’s granddaughter. He can’t not accept it and so he decides to give it away by throwing it into lawns in the ghetto. Genius or idiotic? It’s Jesse….I think we all know what the means. So why is Walter insisting Jesse has the money? Walter knows Jesse could flip very easily. His conscience is cleaned and he doesn’t serve jail time. Walter knows this and wants to keep him as happy as possible and as linked to the criminal conspiracy as possible.

So what happens from here? I think anyone’s guess. But I think it’s pretty clear Hank will push to bring down Walter. I think Jesse realizes how the mighty have fallen and in the end saves his former friend from arrest and prosecution by taking the fall.

All I know is that Breaking Bad is back and back with a bang.

Let me know your thoughts.

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