Wizard Magazine had a great feature called “Casting Call” where they named which actor would best portray comic book characters on the big screen. Since Wizard has met its demise, we want to continue that trend. So welcome the first installment of Nerdgasms.net Casting Call.

Since the new comic is only 1 issue in, I want to focus on the 2008 series.

Peter Quill aka Star Lord:

Nathan Fillion was Captain Malcolm Reynolds in Serenity and Firefly. He’s also voiced Green Lantern and been in The Venture Brothers. So he has the nerd vote. In addition, he has the look of Peter Quill and the combination of goofball, jokester, and great leader. I’m partial to my opinion, but I think he would have been a much better choice than the guy from Parks and Recs.

Drax the Destroyer:

Jason Momoa was most recently the bad guy in Stallone’s Bullet To The Head. That movie was absolutely dreadful, but he was an intriguing guy. He is a big muscular guy, but more athletic muscular than pure bulk. Plus the guy has some acting chops. Unlike Dave Bautista (currently cast as Drax), who is an awful actor and muscle-bound. Jason can bring more of the brooding personality of Drax to the screen.


I really think Marvel Studios hit it out the park with choosing Zoe Saldana. I think she brings the look of the character, quality acting, and a hot name to the film. Her casting makes me even more excited for the film than I previously was.

Adam Warlock:

People may completely disagree with me, but I think Andrew Lincoln from AMC’s The Walking Dead would be a fantastic Adam Warlock. He’s already a huge name in the geek community, so people recognize him and his work. He has a very that very Adam Warlock-ish stoic-ness to him. And the British Lincoln is a quality enough actor to have the emotional outbursts of Warlock.


Mantis, the master of telepathy and astral projection and kung-fu, would be perfectly portrayed by Olivia Munn. Both are half-caucasion, half-asian and Olivia brings the geek factor to the role. The only other choice I had in mind was Ellen Page. I think she could have pulled it off. But I’ve read rumors of a Kitty Pryde movie, so that might make her not an option.

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