Barry Allen (The Flash) played by Aaron Paul:
Barry Allen is quite level headed and very “midwestern” in personality, a stark difference than Paul’s character Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. However, watching the transformation of the character and the emotion he portrayed towards the end of the series, I think Aaron Paul would do a fantastic job as The Flash.

Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) played by Alex O’Laughlin:
The Aussie would be a great choice to play Hal Jordan. Having a strong acting skills and diverse background provide a perfect blend to play the humorous Hal Jordan.

Martian Manhunter played by Columbus Short:
I thought about this one for a while. I didn’t think Columbus Short would be a good candidate until I saw his work in Scandal. I think he has the ability to pull off the serious and level-headed Martian Manhunter character. Even after Manhunter acclimates more the Earth society, that would be an even more shift to Short’s wheelhouse.

Bruce Wayne (Batman) played by Eric Bana:
Oh man! I just picked the Hulk to play Batman. That little tidbit aside, you need a unique actor to play Batman. Why? He has to also play Bruce Wayne. Not all actors can play the rugged Dark Knight and then turn around and play the handsome playboy. I think Bana has the sophisticated handsome look, but is a big enough and dark enough actor to play Batman as well (see Munich).

Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) played by Gemma Arterton:
No offense to Gal Gadot, but she doesn’t pass the Wonder Woman eyeball test. Wonder Woman is a bad ass, not a flat ass. You need a woman who looks like a badass woman, but is still sophisticated to be Wonder Woman. Enter Gemma Arterton. Through her roles in Clash of the Titans, Quantum of Solace, Prince of Persia, and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, you can see she’s a badass. And she’s a Brit, so you know she’s sophisticated. Great choice to be my favorite DC character.

Arthur Curry (Aquaman) played by Jared Leto:
Here’s my thinking. Aquaman is a character that is a really big and adventurous personality. If you are DC, you want him to absolutely shine on screen so you can project him into his own feature film. What better way than to have one of the best, yet underrated, actors of our time? Did I mention that the ladies love him? Leto could easily play the role of Aquaman. He’s a fantastic enough actor to shine through scenes, but subtle enough to play in an ensemble cast without ruining the dynamic.

Darkseid played by Ron Perlman:
Ok. This was a lazy typecast choice. I’ll admit it. But I think Perlman would be fantastic. He has the build and the face to pull of Darkseid. He also has the talent chops to be villainous enough to be Darkseid. Logical choice.

Clark Kent (Superman) played by Wes Bentley:
To date, I haven’t been happy with the film choices of Superman actors. Christopher Reeve? Nope. Brandon Routh? Ughh. Henry Cavill? He was OK. But I think Wes Bentley is a much better actor than all of them. And with the cast above, I don’t think you can afford to have your actor playing Supes to be far over-shadowed in the scenes. It’s not good business for DC.

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