Casting Call is a throwback to Wizard Magazine. In the segment, we take a property from an existing medium (comic books, cartoons, etc) and name who we’d want to play them in a movie version if we were the casting director. As with everything on, we welcome your opinions.

We’re going to change it up just a bit for this episode. We’re going to take an existing movie that we all know and love and do something blasphemous: re-cast it!

Let’s take a look at who I would re-cast.


Luke Skywalker: Sam Claflin
The British actor is experienced enough to play the role very well, but he’s fresh-faced enough to be new to audiences and play the role of a young man.


Han Solo: Oscar Isaac
The Inside Llewyn Davis and Drive Guatemala-born actor is in his mid-30s, much like Harrison Ford was in 1977.  He is a very good actor capable of adding humor, being serious, and being the most charismatic character in the film series.  I think he’s made to be Han Solo.

Princess Leia: Leighton Meester
I love Leighton as Princess Leia. The former Gossip Girl actress is young and beautiful, so she fits the role physically.  But she can also be biting in her words and sweet.  She has the chops to pull off a character like this.


Obi Wan Kenobi: Jeremy Irons
Sir Alec Guiness was a British actor, nominated by the queen of England for knighthood for his acting skills. Jeremy Irons is a British actor and Academy Award winner. Two great actors portraying the same role is a dream.  Plus, Jeremy Irons has aged with the wise, yet still badass look…just like Alec Guiness.

Darth Vader: Dennis Haysbert
Yes…The Allstate Insurance commercial guy.  Why?  For a few reasons.  First, he’s a big tall guy that can fill the Vader suit.  Second, he’s got a very deep and memorable voice.  He’s the new generation’s James Earl Jones.  Finally, look at his IMDB resume and his Gold Globe nomination.  The guy can act well, too.

Emperor: Ben Kingsley
Kingsley is aged enough to play the role.  Plus, if nothing else, he showed us in Iron Man 3 and in the 90s version of Sweeney Todd that he can play a wicked villain.

Lando Calrissian: Chadwick Boseman
He already played Jackie Robinson and is about to play James Brown.  If that’s not resume enough to be re-cast as Lando, then I don’t know what is.

Mon Mothma: Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson is a multiple Oscar winner and a phenomenal actress. Plus she has the look to pull off Mon Mothma.  Easy choice.

Jek Porkins: Brian Baumgartner
I just thought this one would be humorous.  Any old joe schmoe fat guy can play this role, but Kevin from the Office would make me chuckle doing it.

Tarkin: Zeljko Ivanek
Ivanek is well known to play the smug d-bag with perfection.  So who better to play the smug D-bag that is grand moff tarkin?

Dengar: Greg Grunsberg
Here’s another role that any fat joe schmoe could have played.  But I chose another character from Heroes.  Why?  I’m just picturing him trying not to smile while wearing the Dengar toilet paper hat.

Bib Fortuna: Mark Strong
Loved him as Sinestro in Green Lantern.  He’s a really great British actor (seems all the best actors are Brits) that can pull off the roles with effects and makeup.  Would do perfectly as Bib Fortuna.



By now, you’re probably one (or more) of the following:
A) annoyed at my choices,
B) thing you have better choices,
C) ready for more damn Star Wars already,
D) enjoying what I wrote.

Regardless of the choice, spout out and let us know what you’re thinking.

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