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Biggest Star Wars fan out there?

Check out this guy. He’s building a giant Star Destroyer. We got the pics from Give them some love and check them out for the whole story:

We have our Sideshow Collectibles giveaway winner

Thanks to everyone who entered the Sideshow Collectibles/ Captain America Premium Format statue contest. Our winner is Danny H. from Idaho.  Here’s a pic Danny sent us of him with his winnings!  Congrats!

WETA booth at SDCC

I do like Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.  But I am far from a superfan.  However, what WETA is doing is absolutely stunning and amazing and I support it 110%. Here’s a look at what they had at their booth at 2013 SDCC.  

Sideshow Collectibles at SDCC 2013

Sideshow Collectibles was again at SDCC showing off their wares. You have absolutely any idea how beautiful these pieces are until you see them in person.  Hopefully some of these pictures do them an ounce of justice.  Check out the images from below. Video will be posted shortly.      

Gentle Giant announces annual Christmas figure

Keeping with Tradition, Gentle Giant have announced the 2013 Holiday figure. For the first time, though, it will be one of the Kenner Jumbo Figures that will don the Christmas attire. Head over to Gentle Giant for the latest details.

Super-Sized SDCC exclusive

Hit up Toy Tokyo (BOOTH #5337) to purchase the Supersize Me bootleg from Ron English. These hand-cast figures will be available in the original colors, the neon green, and the black/white. There is no price tag announced yet, but check in to Toy Tokyo for up-to-the-minute news.

Hot Toys announces exclusive GI JOE figure

Hot Toys announces their third 2013 Toy Fair exclusive 12″ figure: There is one man that Roadblock and his teammates can trust in G.I. Joe Retaliation and it is none other than the original G.I. Joe himself. Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Joe Colton Collectible Figure as one of the 2013 […]

Sideshow begins online Comic Con.

It’s July and that means Sideshow Collectibles has begun their online Comic Con. Here’s two of the amazing new releases: Star Wars Snowtrooper and my personal favorite: Gladiator Hulk

WETA announces KILI from the Hobbit 1/6 scale statue

Kili the Dwarf 1/6 scale statue Sharp-eyed and swift-limbed, Kili’s skill with a bow is unmatched in the Company, and his swordsmanship is no less impressive. When tested against Goblins, Wargs or even Trolls, Kili’s mettle shines and his blade rings and flashes as he cuts down his foes. Though young and untempered at the […]