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Breaking Down Breaking Bad “Felina” series finale 9.29.13

*******SPOILERS****** * * * * * * * * * ********************** Well. It’s over. I’ve always been a firm believer that The Wire was the greatest show in TV history, but these last few episodes propelled Breaking Bad into that spot and the finale was amazing. I’d like to point out that I figured the […]

Breaking Down Breaking Bad “Granite State” 9.22.13

Only one episode to go. Writer Vince Gilligan seems to be a sadistic sadistic man. Jesse has become a symbol of sheer and utter pain this season. The only beacon of hope he had in his life was Andrea and Brock. And Andrea took a bullet from Todd in the back of the head in […]

Breaking Down Breaking Bad “Ozymandias” 9/15/13

WE FIGURED OUT HOW BREAKING BAD ENDS. READ TILL THE BOTTOM!! SPOILERS***** * * * * * * * * * *********************************** HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT! Every episode I think is the best and every next episode turns out better. Hank is dead. Gomez is dead. Uncle Jack has most of Walt’s money. Todd has […]

Breaking Down Breaking Bad “To’hajiilee” 9.8.13

SPOILERS************************************* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * OK. No need for the summary, I don’t think. We all watched the episode. Again, I start with my first thought of “HOLY SHIT”. I guess I begin with the major happenings and then circle back to the more nuanced […]

Breaking Down Breaking Bad “Rabid Dog” 9/1/13

“You two guys are just guys, OK? Mr. White–he’s the Devil.” –Jesse Pinkman SPOILERS!!!! No real need to do a summary here. So where are we at? To this point in the entire show, Walt has played Jesse like a fiddle.  Now that Jesse is breaking free of the mental prison Walt has put him […]

Breaking Down Breaking Bad “Confessions” 8.25.13

*********SPOILERS******************* First a summary: Todd leaves a message for Walt about the “change in management” and discusses stories of Walter with his uncle and a friend. Hank tries to talk to Jesse in the interrogation room, but Jesse stonewalls him. Saul barges in, threatens legal action on everyone and gets Jesse out. Walter still has […]

Breaking Down, Breaking Bad 8/19/13

I’m not even sure what to say. 1/4 of the season down and both episodes were great. Let’s jump right in: Old man that found Jesse and his money: WTF? Dude, you need to A) run for that cash. I want to see knees to chest! B) hide that shit in case somebody bigger/badder than […]

Breaking Down Breaking Bad: Season 5, Episode 9…”Blood Money”

OMG! OMG! OMG! It’s been over 11 months since we’ve had a new episode of Breaking Bad and tonight started part II of Season 5 with a bang. ********SPOILERS************** ***************SPOILERS************************ Let’s get through the summary. Walt: He figures out that Hank knows the truth. Hank: Knows the truth and wants to take Walt down. Skylar: […]