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Digital vs Paper Comics

Maybe it’s my age. Maybe it’s my personality. But I prefer paper comics. I love the smell of paper comics. I love the feel of paper comics. I love bagging and boarding and filing paper comics. I just don’t understand those of you that have your entire collection of comics digital. Sure, I own some […]

Top 10 Toys of 2014

It’s that time for the “Best of” lists. Nerds need to make lists, too. And unlike Buzzfeed and the like, you don’t have to click 87 pages to get my list. This list might be a bit skewed because I spent a lot of 2014 completing vintage toy lines, but I did buy plenty of […]

Making Sense of Marvel Movie Rights!

I think it’s a fair assessment that as a whole, we really like comic book movies.  As we get more and more of the well-recognized characters with blockbuster movies and sequel and reboot upon sequel and reboot, we are getting to the point where we want team-ups, more obscure characters, and famous story arcs done […]

3 words for DC: BARBARA freakin GORDON

Ever since I have been into comic books, there have been Marvel fans and there have been DC fans. A quick google search will find a ton of links to the debate between the two camps. I don’t really care about that because I like properties from both sides. My point with this article is […]

Star Wars comics leaving Dark Horse

The other day, I got this email from Dark Horse founder, Mike Richardson: The End of an Era All things come to pass. So too, do all licensed deals. I am sad to report that Disney, the new owner of Lucasfilm, has notified us here at Dark Horse of their intention to move the Star Wars publishing […]

Top 13 Toys of 2013

We are a few days behind, but I wanted to do a top 13 toys of 2013. There were some real hits and some real misses in the past year. And these 13 (in no particular order) represent my favorites. 1. Blind Master from the GI Joe Retaliation line from Hasbro. 2. Transformers/GI Joe crossover […]

An open letter to Shia LaBeouf

[Sidenote, for more background on the plagiurism by Shia, please visit: AV Club article ] Dear Shia, I am not quite sure if you live in the same reality as the rest of us or you live in your own little world with your own rules. Either way, the rest of us think you’re an […]

NECA Simpsons guest star figures we want made

In honor of NECA Toys announcing they will be doing a line of toys of celebrity guests on the hit show The Simpsons in 2014, we figured we’d post our top 10 list: 1) Ricky Gervais. The British funny man is not only entertaining in real life, but translated that to his role in the […]

My Thoughts on the future of the GI Joe figure line

  After attending JoeCon in Indianapolis a week ago, I saw the small presence that Hasbro had at the convention…especially considering it was a movie year.  I left me with a slight sense of doom with regards to the future of GI Joe figures.  Our friends at posted this article that completely disagrees with […]

Avatar 2 and 3

James Cameron was recently quoted as saying the following: “I’m working on Avatar 2 and Avatar 3. I was talking the other day with Peter Jackson and said, ‘You had it easy dude. You had the books when you did the second and third ‘Lord of the Rings.’ I have to create my own books in my head and extract […]