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The Squawking Dead (issue #125) 4.10.14

With this being the penultimate issue of the All Out War story arc, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It could be a total tease with the action being set up for the last issue. Or it could be packed with action with the last episode polishing things up. Well, it was a hybrid. My […]

The Squawking Dead: Season 4 Finale

OH WOW! What else can I say? Terminus is upon us and we are definitely not disappointed. Let’s jump right in. It seems this is a Rick coming of age episode. We have a lot of flashbacks where he realizes that he is the one that needs to do for Carl. Carl needs him and […]

The Squawking Dead (comic edition) Issue #124

Here we are: issue 124. The action is getting hot and heavy. Let’s do a quick summary then jump into discussion of the action. Carson has led Eugene and the other as far as he can. Eugene is now taking command of the group. Rick is feeling “the fever” from the zombie-soaked arrow. Jesus and […]

The Squawking Dead-tv edition “US” 3.23.14

With only 2 (one after tonight) episodes remaining in the season, all of the story lines are starting to tie together.  We get a quick flash of the Rick/Carl/Michonne group.  We get a Maggie and Glenn reunion. We have Daryl. The title of the episode “US” refers to when Daryl and Joe are talking.  Daryl […]

The Squawking Dead: “The Grove” tv edition

Wow. Just wow. I probably should not have been surprised at the ending of tonight’s episode. If you read the comics, you can probably guess this was VERY loosely based on a plot line from the comics. One twin was infatuated with the walkers and murdered the other to try to make him turn. There […]

The Squawking Dead issue #123 3.12.14

The Walking Dead issue #123 represents chapter 9 of the 12 part All Out War story arc. Each of the issues has had its ups and its downs. But at this point, we’re in the home stretch of what we all expect will result likely in either the death of Rick or the death of […]

The Squawking Dead “ALONE” 3.9.14

Tonight’s episode continued a bit where last week’s episode was going. “Alone” focused on Bob/Sasha/Maggie and again on Daryl/Beth. We started out with a flashback of Bob when Daryl and Glenn first meet him. He lost his second group and was all alone, suffering from loneliness and his alcoholism. You could see in one scene […]

The Squawking Dead “Still” episode 3.2.14

Tonight’s episode “Still” was the first episode to solely focus on 2 main characters. Those characters were Daryl and Beth. Beth is finally rebelling and Daryl finally breaks down. We start out with the two climbing into the trunk of a car to escape a group of walkers. The scene is very oddly shot, with […]

The Squawking Dead issue #122 2.26.14

Quick summary before we get to the real talk: Dwight reveals himself to Eugene. Dwight’s plan gets overheard. Negan has a plan for their attack. Rick regroups everyone at the Hilltop. There is clear concern over the amount of supplies versus number of people. Rick knows an attack is coming and is hoping to enact […]

The Squawking Dead (TV edition) “CLAIMED”

This was one of the most beautifully shot and exciting episodes since season 1. And I for one couldn’t be more excited. Let’s break this episode down by group. Michonne/Carl: The Michonne and Carl segment of the episode had no action at all, but did a lot to advance the emotional framework of the characters. […]