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The Squawking Dead: tv edition “Inmates” 2.16.14

Well, after a slow episode last week, we’re back to a pretty badass episode. There’s a ton to talk about, so let’s jump right in. We’ll start discussing by group. Lizzie, Mika, and Tyreese: I’ll say it again, I’m really disappointed in what a badass Tyreese was in the comics and how weak he has […]

The Squawking Dead: comic edition Issue #121

No matter how prepared Rick thought they were. No matter the numbers they thought they had. No matter how much they caught Negan off guard. The situation keeps getting more and more grim for Rick’s group. I’m sure after reading the issue, most readers would say that the darkest point was Eugene being captured. ┬áHe […]

The Squawking Dead (TV edition): “After” 2.9.14

The long-awaited mid-season premiere is here. We know the prison is gone. Judith is gone. Herschel is gone. The survivors are all split up. Quick recap before the thoughts/analysis/speculation: Rick is seriously battered up from his fight with the Governor. He is too weak to step in to protect Carl, although he still tries. This […]

The Squawking Dead: comic edition #120

The quick recap before we get into the heart of the matter: * * * * * * SPOILERS * * * We left off and Denise was about to be bitten by a walker. Negan and his men tossing grenades. Dwight finally showing his true allegiance. Negan is creepy. Carl doesn’t stay in the […]

The Squawking Dead: comic edition Issue #119

I’m just going to start off with an apology. Due to some circumstances, I was unable to do the Squawking Dead feature for the last 2 issues. I’m back though (albeit a week late). Quick recap: The good guys have Negan’s main headquarters trapped by zombies. They have then split up and are attacking his […]

The Squawking Dead: mid-season finale “Too Far Gone” 12/1/13

Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD. DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Wow. The Walking Dead pulled no punches with the Season 4 Mid-season finale “Too Far Gone” The previews didn’t deceive at all and we were all given the war we expected. After a few weeks of The Governor-centered episodes, we jump back to where we left Rick’s group […]

The Squawking Dead: TV edition: DEAD WEIGHT 11.25.13

I’m tired of writing summaries. Let’s just jump right in to speculation and interpretation. It seems the Governor’s line about how he’s changed was pretty much full of crap. At first, it seems as if the Governor has accepted his role as family man, however, when Martinez offers him a piece of the crown, Brian […]

The Squawking Dead: TV edition “LIVE BAIT” 11.17.13

An all about The Governor episode of The Walking Dead! As usual, we’ll do a quick recap and then hit with the analysis and speculation. The episode starts with a sort of montage showing the events that led from the assault on the prison to the present day. I love a well-done montage and this […]

The Squawking Dead: comic edition issue #116

**SPOILERS** As a quick summary, The Survivors, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom have teamed up to stop Negan. Issue #116 starts off right in the action. It seems Rick’s plan is coming to fruition. Negan had the Hilltop’s leader under his thumb the whole time, but to Negan’s dismay, that was only 8 men. Dwight […]

The Squawking Dead: TV edition “Internment” 11.10.13

In some ways “Internment” was both the best and worst episode of the season. The reason I say this is because from a character development and thought provoking perspective, it was phenomenal. But from a story arc progression, it was pretty lame. As usual, we’ll start off with a summary of the episode and then […]