There has been lots of speculation going around the net since Toy Fair about the future of DC Collectibles’ line of 6″ DC Icons action figures. There have been rumors indicating the entire line would soon be ending or that DC Collectibles plans to discontinue releasing single carded figures in favor of the diorama 2-packs, similar to the upcoming Superman Vs. Doomsday set.

The folks at DC Collectibles made no mention of these things to us as Toy Fair and most retailers continue to have the previously solicited figures in the line listed for pre-order. Nevertheless we reached out to the folks at DC Collectibles for comment on these rumors, and this was their response:

“Shazam, Sinestro, and Deadshot Icon figures have indeed been cancelled. We’ll keep you posted on future Icons release plans once we hash out those details.”

We were not given a reason for the cancellation of the three figures, however poor sales or lack of retail interest have been the culprit in the past. That was the reason given for the cancellation of their DC Movie line figures we reported about during Toy Fair.

As for the future of the line, that appears to be uncertain or in flux. We do know that the single-carded figures of Deathstroke, Swamp Thing, Static, New 52 Wonder Woman and the Deluxe Cyborg figures are still coming. In fact, they will arrive at comic and specialty shops next week (4/5).

Superman Vs Doomsday 2-pack, Superboy & Robin 2-pack, Hush Nightwing and New 52 Supergirl figures shown at Toy Fair last month should also still be coming later in the year.

For everything else previously solicited, such as the Demon, and Catwoman, we really couldn’t say at this time – other than we guess DC is hashing those things out.

Now some fans of this line may be wondering what to do at this point. Here is our suggestion. If you have any of the above mentioned figures pre-ordered somewhere or you have been considering pre-ordering them, we say keep your pre-order or go forward with doing the pre-order until the retailer actually cancels or no longer lists the figures on their sites. Retailers won’t charge you for a pre-order until the item is ready to ship, so if or when they get canceled you won’t be out anything. However, the more demand retailers see for the figures, the more likely they will order new ones which in turn will be an indication to DC to keep the line alive. The same goes if you buy your figures straight from a comic or specialty shop. Be sure to tell the shop owner you are interested in buying those figures so they know to order them or order more of them.

Even figures that have been canceled can eventually be re-solicited if consumers show retailers the demand for them exists, and in turn those retailers indicate to DC Collectibles they want to order more.

UPDATE: The facebook page notes:

“The Booster Gold/Blue Beetle two pack was cancelled due to low interest from retailers. We didn’t have enough orders to move ahead with the two pack. Currently the DC Icons line has Nightwing, Supergirl, Super Sons 2 Pack and Death of Superman set coming up in the fall of this year.”

Though they don’t specifically mention the Catwoman and Demon figures, based on this comment it looks like they may have been canceled as well.

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