We had the chance to interview Greg Franklin of 6 Point Harness about turning the cult classic comic Prison Pit into an animated film.

Greg Franklin, the co-founder of 6 Point Harness and supervising producer of taking Prison Pit
What drew you to Prison Pit specifically to want to bring it to life from the pages?

At 6 Point Harness, we are HUGE longtime fans of Johnny Ryan’s work, which is so hilarious that you almost feel personally violated by it. Prison Pit is a bit of a departure for him as he explores an unrelentingly grim survival story with a sparse, boiled down single-mindedness. It’s wholly original and just has this really brutal vibe to it that we thought would make an incredibly unusual and horrific animated film.

-Prison Pit is full of crazy imagery, over-the-top violence, and supreme anger…who do you think is the prime audience for this cartoon?

Wrestling fans, gorehounds, metal-loving dirtbags, disturbed youth, cinematic thrill-seekers. It certainly won’t be palatable to a general audience. That said, I believe emotionally underdeveloped psychotics of all ages will enjoy Prison Pit, and go to great pains to seek it out. Thankfully, it’s available for download so none of them are required to leave their homes to get it.

-This seemed like an ideal situation for a kickstarter project. What made you decide to make the first book into a cartoon to drive the other production of the other books into film rather the crowd-funding?

We would love to adapt the entire Prison Pit tome into a long-form piece, whether it’s a feature film, mini-series, or some other format. But it would be a huge leap for anyone to really understand what an animated adaptation of this vile and violent comic book might be. Plus we want to get you hooked on the product so you’ll crave more and do anything to get your next fix.

-The protagonist in the story is an awful creature. Does that add an element of difficulty into creating the cartoon because you’re forcing the audience to root for a badguy no matter who they root for?

I’ll admit Cannibal F**kface is indeed pretty awful, but that’s all relative. He’s surrounded by even more awful creatures and the barren stinkhole they inhabit could scarcely be less inviting. Which might make our hero a little more relatable; besides, all of us are pretty awful creatures if we’re being honest with ourselves.

-What is the time frame and process to convert Prison Pit into an animation?

It took us a little over one year to adapt a script and storyboard, record the vocal performances, edit an animatic, draw all the layouts and backgrounds, and animate and composite all the scenes. And some odds and ends needed to be tended to as well, like the musical score (by Greh Holger of Hivemind) and and final sound mix.

-If you could sum up Prison Pit in 6 words to somebody that’s never read the book, what would it be?

Ultraviolent cartoon giallo with barbed cocks.

DVD Pricing: $9.99 at Prisonpit.com; streaming pricing: $7.99.

All Prison Pit” DVD profits will go toward making Books 2 to 6 into a feature film. Additionally, a portion of merchandise sales will also go toward the feature.
PP Stills Blake Anderson as Jizzra

PP Stills Kyle Kinane as Rottweiler Herpes


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