Machete Kills
On Monday, I got to check out a screening of Machete Kills with a Q&A with director Robert Rodriguez and actress Alexa Vega (see video here:

I’m going to try to give as spoiler free review as I can. So here goes.
Machete Kills follows the story of a former Mexican Federale hired by the president of the United States to save Washington DC from an evil plot. That’s where the sanity goes out the window and the ridiculousness starts.
Machete Kills
The first film, Machete, was extremely over the top with it’s action, violence, and depiction of sex. I can assure you that if you enjoyed the absurdity of Machete, you will absolutely love Machete Kills. The story intentionally follows the roadmap of story sequels having to go further and more absurd than the first. The characters are much more silly. There is a virgin prostitute who sells out her man (played by Vanessa Hudgens).
machete kills
There is the face-changing bounty hunter. There is the beauty queen special agent. There is the madame with the machine gun bra and canon strap-on. There is the split personality cartel leader. And finally, Carlos Estevez as the president of the United States. If you find any of this ridiculous, trust me, I left out the most ridiculous parts.

The story itself is an homage to both Star Wars and the later James Bond films. Whether it be character appearances, the weapons, the wilhelm screams, the bad guys over explaining their plots, etc, it really does pay tribute to these films but in a wacky way.

You’re probably reading this and thinking that the movie sounds dumb. But I think Rodriguez and the writers did such a good job of purposely and strategically going over the top that it brings a new added level of humor. The movie isn’t trying to take itself seriously. It knows where it’s being zany and where you should laugh and where it was laughing at itself. It also set itself up for a 3rd film in the trilogy and laid the road map for it being even the most ridiculous of the 3.
Lady Gaga Machete Kills
The legend of Machete is touted throughout the film. The only thing I could have asked for is if they would have done flashback scenes showing the legend growing and what led to songs being song on the Mexican countryside of his adventures. Other than that, I thought the movie did a fantastic job. It was everything you would want from a sequel…more and bigger.

This is definitely a film you need to experience with an audience. So don’t wait for the DVD, go to the theater.
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