In honor of NECA Toys announcing they will be doing a line of toys of celebrity guests on the hit show The Simpsons in 2014, we figured we’d post our top 10 list:

1) Ricky Gervais.
The British funny man is not only entertaining in real life, but translated that to his role in the Simpsons

2) Alec Baldwin.
His great role on 30 Rock cemented the need for this figure.

3) Mark Hamill.
He IS Luke Skywalker. Nuff said.

4) Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson played the white mental patient Michael Jackson. Brilliant!

5) John Waters.
The eccentric filmmaker is a perfect choice for a Simpsons crossover figure.

6) Tito Puente.
Salsa legend and great Simpson character.

7) Ken Griffey Jr.
The future MLB Hall of Famer had a great role (and giant head) in the Simpsons.

8) Stephen Hawking.
Physicist and author of A Brief History of Time. As smart as Einstein, but with a better ride.

9) Leonard Nimoy.
Can’t have a Star Wars character without being fair and balanced (hint hint, Fox News).

10) Lucy Lawless.
Xena princess warrior…IN MINT PACKAGE!

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