In 1974, Dan Curtis (Dark Shadows) made one of my all-time favorite Dracula films, starring Jack Palance (of City Slickers fame). Until now, it had been relegated to a mundane, out of print DVD version. But MPI Home Video has done us all a favor and re-released this classic on Bluray. It has been restored from it’s original 35mm to a really high quality High Def version. I don’t know the process of how this works, but having seen the film in several different formats (including on film), I can assure you this looks great!  The story itself is the same Bram Stoker tale we all know and love.  No real twists on it.  But other than the 1931 Bela Lugosi original, this is pretty much the go-to classic version, in my opinion.


But the film is just one reason to own this Bluray. What tips it over the edge is the special features that I had never seen before. Before you get all up in arms, you have to remember that this movie was from the early 70s. This was a day and age well before they shot EVERYTHING in order to have six different versions of DVDs filled with extras. But the extras Dracula had were pretty good. The first was an interview with the late, great Jack Palance about his role as Dracula and how he got involved with the film. Next is an interview with director Dan Curtis. Then there are several cut scenes/outtakes. These were particularly great for me because having seen the movie numerous times, it added a new element. Finally there are the TV cuts and the film trailer.


As a big film buff, even though the 70s films were before my time, it’s sortof my heyday for movies. And one of the best parts is watching the trailers for these films I love. Each decade develops its own style of portraying movies to potential audiences. Most of my readers will always associate this with the “IN A WORLD” guy. But the 70s had a unique style. So seeing the trailer for Dan Curtis’ Dracula was a big plus.

You can pick this film up on stunning Blu Ray via Amazon for less than $15. I’m not a coffee drinker or a smoker, but it seems like if you forego a pack of smokes or a grande latte, you can pick this classic up for your collection. Well worth it in my opinion.


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