Under the microscope today is the deadly Horde beauty…Entrapta! Now I’m not usually one who calls himself a PoP fan, but the mini subscription came up earlier this year, and I decided to be all in, and I’m glad I did. After the slightly disappointing face sculpt of Double (trouble) Mischief, this figure knocked the ball well and truly out of the park. Let’s take a look!
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Entrapta is decked out in a purple, pink and gold outfit, and it really does make her ‘POP’. She has a gold headdress that holds her deadly braids back, gold gloves, belt and thi-high boots. Now the vintage version had entirely gold legs, not just boots, and as her ‘legs, arms and torso are the shiniest in all of Etheria’, I’m a little surprised as to why they didn’t follow the vintage version a little closer.
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A minor gripe, and certainly doesn’t detract from how stunning she is. She is equipped with a standard PoP shield with jewel (in a pale purple color) and comes with the ‘Shaping Staff’ accessory (as seen used by Majestra/Evil Lyn in an early FILMation episode). I would have liked to have seen the addition of maybe a sword or something to add to her, especially if you decide to give Evil Lyn the Shaping Staff.
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Her face is really well done, and 4H have done a great job with capturing the ‘cruel beauty’ aspect of her, and the sculpt and the paint apps are very well done. She really is a beautiful looking figure. You can’t help but love the slightly sneering smile she has, perfect for one of Hordak’s hench(wo)men!
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But let’s take a look at what earned her her name: the trademark hair. Entrapta has two huge braids of hair, bright pink in color, with purple ribbons woven in, which she uses to ensnare unsuspecting warriors. Mattel/Four Horsemen really went the full nine yards on the sculpting here.

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The gigantic braids are attached to the head with pegs that allow the hair to be ‘posed’, and the level of detail in the sculpt really does make her a dynamic figure when she’s displayed. The down side to this is that Entrapta is understandably top heavy and her hair restricts her head movement. Unless you have an action figure stand that clips around the waist, then her action poses while displayed will be somewhat limited. Couple this with her loose ankles and she could well be the figure that takes a nose dive off your shelf and takes a bunch of others with her.
She has all the regular range of movement as you would expect from a Classics figure. Seriously, get yourself an action figure support stand and pose her as she’s meant to be!
I think that of the PoP branded line, Entrapta is definitely my favorite, and just looks great alongside her Horde sisters, especially Octavia and Scorpia. Frankly the Club Etheria sub has generally been pretty darn good, I for one look forward to seeing more!
Good journey!

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