Cowabunga, dudes! Welcome to another Nerdgasms toy review. Ok. I am fairly certain that if you read this site, you more than likely watch or have seen Nickelodeon’s TMNT cartoon.

What we have in our grubby little hands is the new wave of the half-shell heroes: Blast to the Past! It’s the best of both worlds: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles AND Dinosaurs!

This new wave consists of:
Donnie & T-Rex
Leo & Triceratops
Mikey & Brachiosaurus
Raph & Pterodactyl

Just like the previous Half-Shell Heroes, they come in the open packaging as seen above and comes with 1 TMNT hero and 1 matching dinosaur.

The figures themselves are about 3 inches (give or take) tall each. Perfect size for a kid to play with and small enough to not take up too much room in the collection of an adult collector.

Let’s take a look at Leo first. As you can see, he has a ball joint for his arms. So you can move them any which way and ready for ninja action poses. The head is a swivel. He can spin side to side, but no nodding motion. The weapon is molded to the hand, most likely to reduce choking hazard for the little ones. Finally, his legs are not independent of each other. They can both either rock forward or backwards.
A lot of the figure is molded plastic. But the pieces that are painted do actually have a nice paint job.

Next up is his dinosaur companion, the pterodactyl. The dino pal has red markings on his skin to match Raph’s red bandana. He is neat to look at, but with very limited articulation, he’s more of a prop, rather than a cool playable accessory.

Leo is next to bat. Similar to Raph, he has a turnable head, fully articulated arms, rocking legs, and a molded weapon in his hand. He also is mostly molded plastic, but like Raph, he has really nice paint apps…even if there aren’t a ton.

My favorite of them all, though, is Leo’s pal the triceratops. Take a look at that guy and tell me you don’t want to rip him out of the package and play with him. He is much more articulated than the pterodactyl, but still not the most articulated. But you are able to pivot his head a bit and you can stand him up on his hind legs or move his front legs out for a battle strike. Again, like all the dinosaur companions, he has a color swatch on his skin that matches his Turtle friend.

I know my daughter is not technically old enough to play with these half-shell heroes, but she absolutely loves them. Now that we have Leo and Raph for this set, we will need to run out before christmas and make sure we pick up Donnie and Mikey so she can have a complete set.

The holidays are right around the corner. Make sure you grab these sets that tie into the Nickelodeon TV special.