If you know anything about me, you know that I love TMNT. I read the comics, watch the cartoons, and collect Turtle toys. But I will be honest, I had never heard of the Half-Shell Heroes line. They are very similar to the Jedi Force Star Wars figures from Playskool…except it’s TMNT and by Playskool. Basically 2.5 inch figures with limited articulation.

Don’t let that last comment fool you though. This is a FANTASTIC line. I’ll tell you why:

1) These figures have a ton of playability.
2) These figures have a ton of collectibility.
3) They are the characters you love from the Nickelodeon cartoon.

There are about 20 figures in this line which gives you a wide array of characters, but not so many that it gets difficult to to complete and doesn’t break the bank.

Speaking of articulation, let’s discuss that. The head is on a swivel. Basically it can just pivot around like the Exorcist. The legs can only swing back and forth and they don’t move independently of each other. This helps with making sure the figure stands up, but it’s probably the biggest detraction I have in this line. The arms have the most articulation. They can swivel around as well as pivot in any direction. Granted, these figures do not have a lot of points of articulation, it does not affect the fun of this line.

Another cool feature is on the Segway. When you push the buttons featured above, it makes the wheels go. So that let’s Police Leo roll on to catch the bad guys.

The second 2-pack is Tiger Claw and Newtralizer. The best feature about these is the great paint apps. My hat is off to Playmates on this. A lot of times with kids lines (and this is made for 3+) you see poor paint quality. But with this line, the figures all have cool paint apps and the QC is really good as well.

Basically this is a really fun line. I think it’s a great intersection of kid and adult interest. A line where you can play with your kids and both have a good time.

In this last picture, you can see a point of reference for the size of the figs.

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