Welcome to another Nerdgasms.net toy review! Today we have the bodacious Ninja Control Leonardo!

I’m going to start with this: This is the first Playmates TMNT toy that hasn’t been a home run. That said, it’s definitely a solid double off the wall. Let’s discuss.

The Leonardo figure is pretty massive, at least 12″ tall. It’s also pretty solid as far as a child playing with it (as can be seen below). A lot of old school toy collectors will probably blow their top, but this reminds me a ton of Shogun Warriors figures from the 70s. Giant. Awesome character. Limited articulation, but optimized playability. And…wait for it. WHEELS ON THE BOTTOM OF HIS FEET!

Beyond playing with the standard figure as is, there is also the remote control feature. If you aim the controller at Leo’s chest, you can make him move around and do all types of ninja attack motions.
-Full-function IR remote control lets you direct Leo to slash and bash whatever gets in his way
-Can move forward and back and drop his head into his shell for increased defense
-Spins on his back shell for a flurry of blows
-Shouts out signature Turtle phrases
-Also features three pre-programmed ninja combat routines

The figure comes with instructions on how to get the figure to do all of the motions. You can see that below.

As seen above, he comes with 3 accessories: 2 Katana swords and the remote control. The Katana blades are actually really awesome too. They are well made (not flimsy in any way) and they fit absolutely perfectly in Leo’s hands. That’s a pet peeve of mine when accessories don’t fit into the figure’s hands. So Kudos to Playmates for getting that aces.

So far, all my review has sounded like this is the best toy ever. Where does it loose marks? Two things. One is more of a nit pick on my part and the other one is more genuine. The first thing is that when I opened the Leo figure, I was super excited to start playing and having him fight other toys in my collection. But when I opened the package, the remote control didn’t have any batteries in it. And I needed to find a tiny screwdriver to open the battery panel before finding some batteries. It took away from the spontaneous playing. But that’s just a minor nit pick.
The more major issue is that to get the figure to do all of its moves, it takes a bit of practice and patience. I’m a fully grown adult and it took me a few tries. I would imagine a child would not be able to get this to utilize all of its moves.

All in all, this is a great figure. For what you get, the price point at $70 isn’t bad at all. And despite the slight criticisms, kids that love TMNT will have an absolute ball playing with this. It really does make me wish I had a figure like this growing up. The Leo sword action would have been a good match for Godzilla and his firing fist figure.

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