Hello Party-People! Welcome to another Nerdgasms toy review. Ok. I am fairly certain that if you read this site, you more than likely watch or have seen Nickelodeon’s TMNT cartoon. And I’m even more positive that you have seen the action figures from Playmates for the cartoon series.

What we have in our grubby little hands is the new wave of figures from the line that support season 4 of the cartoon series: DIMENSION X!

This new wave consists of 7 new figures:
Dimension X Leonardo
Dimension X Donatello
Dimension X Michelangelo
Dimension X Raphael
Dimension X Fugitoid
Dimension X Lord Dregg
Dimension X Mozar

I want to start with the strongest figures from the wave, the non-ninja turtle figures. This includes Fugitoid, who is a favorite character of mine all the way back to the original Eastman and Laird comics, Lord Dregg, and Mozar.

Mozar is the leader of the Triceraton Republic and enemy of the Ninja Turtles and this figure is pretty great. I make it no secret that I love bulky monster-like figures and this is no exception. His sculpt is pretty beautiful in a line full of well-done sculpts. His paint apps are pretty good too, I have no complaints at all. And for a big bulky figure, he is pretty well articulated.

He has a weird point of articulation. His waist completely twists. You can see in the photo above he rotates. His legs can do the splits and he has leg rotation, but because of how bulky his boots are, that’s about all the articulation. His arms have a similar degree of motion. Again, some articulation lost because of the bulk. And the head does little because of the size of his noggin. He is one of the coolest figures in the line so far. But when you go looking to buy him, you can only get him at Walmart. He’s an exclusive, my friends.

Next up is the alien warlord, Lord Dregg. Again, he is another Walmart exclusive. I really love the concept of the figure. He has a ton of articulation and an amazing pose-ability for a $8.99 toy. I love the paint application for him as well. The big knock on this figure is that his wings are one molded piece that don’t spread out and impede posing his tail. Other than that, he’s pretty fantastic.

As seen above, he is pretty pose-able. His main legs don’t bend at the knee, but they are on a ball and socket joint, so they can spin any which way. The same can be said for his arms.

Next up is my main dude FUGITOID!!! Oh man is he a badass figure. By far my favorite of this line. He’s very simple and not a lot of bells and whistles, but that adds to the coolness factor. His arms and legs have hinges and pivots so they can move in basically any direction. You want to make hims do karate poses? sure. Crab walk? absolutely. This guy can do it all. Plus his head spins around, Exorcist-style and his feet have a nice wide base to stand well.

Finally we get to our 4 heroes in a half-shell. These versions are, I believe, the 9th versions of the main characters in the toy series. They are also very similar to the earlier Battle Shell versions. Same mold, if I am not mistaken. However, they come with space helmets and different weapons.

Where the first 3 figures were home runs, these 4 are OK. I can’t say the space helmets do a lot for me, but the cool thing is they are easily removable and you are left with regular Raph, Leo, Mike, and Donnie.

Here are the guys posing in the famous YMCA dance by The Village People.
Just like most of the figures in this line, the paint quality is pretty boss. The articulation is great too, leading to great playability.

The two biggest drags for me are 1) Why the heck do the shells open up on this version of the figures!?!?! and next is why can’t they use their regular weapons in space. Instead, they each have a clear acrylic plasticy space version of their original weapons (seen below).

Whatever the minor knocks, Playmates has done a great job of helping the next generation of kids learn to love the Ninja Turtles like my generation did. Kudos to you on that!

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