We at Nerdgasms.net were saddened to hear about the passing of comic legend Nick Cardy.

Cardy, who was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2005, was best known for his work with DC Comics, where he had lengthy and influential runs on Teen Titans and Aquaman.

A World War II veteran, Cardy got his start in the late 1930s drawing non-superhero work like Fight Stories and Jungle Comics. He worked with the legendary Will Eisner on the four-page backup feature “Lady Luck” in Eisner’s Sunday newspaper supplement “The Spirit Section,” from the May 18, 1941 strip through February 22, 1942. While the stories were credited to Ford Davis–a house pseudonym given to whoever was working on the feature at the time, Cardy–whose birth name was Viscardi–would work in the initials “NV” into each story.

After his work at DC in the 1960s, the ’70s saw Cardy become one of the most widely-used cover artists at the publisher. His covers were so distinctive that they became nearly as influential as his sequential work. As recently as last week, Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen shared a cover to an upcoming issue with fans on social media, saying that it was a tribute to Cardy’s cover work. The image, seen here, has the name “Nick” worked into the background.

In the years since his de facto retirement from comics, Cardy had worked in commercial ilustration. Some highlights of his later career included the movie poster for Apocalypse Now and work on the comic book miniseries Seduction of the Innocent and Tellos.

Below you’ll see a brief taste of some of his classic cover art:

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