Writer:Brian Schirmer
Artist:Claudia Balboni
Cover Artist:Jeremy Saliba
Publisher: Image Comics
On Stands: December 2, 2015.

I received an email from Jason McNamara, creator of the amazing comic The Rattler that we previously reviewed. He felt Black Jack Ketchum was a book I should know about. When the guy who creates on of the favorite books you’ve read in a while tells you about a book…you take notice.

Right off the bat, the book is intriguing to me. I’m a huge fan of western oddity stories and this immediately jumps into my wheelhouse.


The story starts with what appears to be a mistaken identity. He may resemble Black Jack Ketchum the outlaw, but he is just Tom and this is all a mistake.

Unlike a lot of other stories that give you every nauseating detail of the backstory and where we are at, this book trusts that any reader that will actually be interested in this story will also be smart enough to keep up with where it is going.

In the style of LOST, as we get further and further into this first issue of the series, we get more questions arising than are answered. And that, ladies and gentleman, is what we call hooking them in!

From Tom’s talking gun, to his mute sharp-shooting child companion, to the mystery of why everyone is looking for this Black Jack Ketchum, we are left impatiently waiting for the next issue.


In addition to the story, Claudia Balboni’s art compliments the story really well. It is dark, it is gritty. It isn’t overly stylized, but isn’t overly realistic either. I love her artwork here so much more than what she did for the Star Trek comics (which is still great).

This book does not come out for another 2 months, but that gives you plenty of time to put this book on your pull list or ask your shop to order this book. Then you can find out if Tom can evade the mysterious Union and its supernatural enforcers, the faceless Dusters, as he’s forced to question his identity, his sanity, and his very existence.