Title: Earth Dream vol 2
Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Cover Artist: Miguel Guerra
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Publisher: 7 Robots

You may have remembered when we did a review for volume one of Earth Dreams. If not, feel free to catch a refresher: http://nerdgasms.net/spotlight-ink-earth-dream/

The previous volume had a unifying theme of being related to Earth. However, for volume to, Suzy, Miguel, and the 7 Robots crew decided to open it up to any sci-fi or fantasy themed story. And volume 2 has 6 stories as opposed to 11.

The anthology starts of extremely strong with The Grind, by far the best story in my opinion. It is a complex story of being stuck in monotony, but told in a very simple and elegant way. Guerra’s artwork is not groundbreaking, but does a great job of creating the imagery of the story. Think Eastman & Laird’s TMNT.

Some of the stories, like Human Nature have very Marvel/DC professional level artwork in the panels and do a great job of showing story progression with pictures. However, some of the story telling falls short of the level of the artwork.

Others, like Old Dogs, spin a much more clear story, but the level of the art isn’t to the same degree as the other stories within the book.

However, you have to commend 7 Robots for not only continuing to put this series out, but also giving the book away digitally for FREE! Free is always important for several reasons. One is the comic book medium is in a current peak as far as quality, but sales numbers are at low tide. Spreading the comic love for the incredibly low cost of free helps build a new fanbase that may not otherwise get into comics. Second, many of the stories have deep meanings behind them that deal with destroying our planet with pollution and breaking free from the chains of work and life. Giving stories of warning in a pictorial way that is not preachy helps spread the word.

Head on over to the 7 Robots store and download a copy of this book for free today.