I’ve worked with the lovely people at 7 Robots in the past, so when Suzy contacted me about a unique book they put together, I was pretty excited to check it out.  The concept for “Earth Dream” is centered around social awareness.  Each Earth Day, they plan to publish a series of short stories all containing a common theme.  For the first edition, the theme was the environment.  Having spent 7 years as an environmental scientist, Earth Dream hit me on multiple levels.
The plan with Earth Dream is to release a new edition each year on Earth Day with each one being free digitally.  Free is easily my favorite price for anything, probably yours too.  Each story within the anthology is done by a different writer/artist. This volume includes artists and writers from the U.S., Spain, Singapore, Canada and Poland.  As with any collection, you will have a huge variation in style and concept and that is usually part of the fun.
The story that sticks out to me the most is The Hole by artist Marek Rudowski.  Looking at the images, it’s absolutely stunning.  Each panel creates a sense of the isolation and doom that the story warrants.  The prose, itself, tells a bit of a vague story, but the images fill in the gaps and set the tone perfectly.  From the cracks in the buildings to the lines in the character’s face, each ink line helps tell the story and does so quite well.
Another notable story is “effect”.  At the first page, I thought this would be a clique re-telling of the butterfly effect based on the title and the first panel image.  While it was the story of the butterfly effect, it was told in such an interesting way that it no longer mattered.  The way the artist, Jerome Walford, utilized color to establish mood was fantastic.  There is no text in the story, so all of the mood is established through the art.  By utilizing panel layout/design and color along with the images, the story is told very creatively and beautifully.
All told, there are 11 stories represented in Earth Dream.  Despite each one having a common theme, they all are completely different stories and different styles and approach the theme in a unique way. Miguel and Suzy at 7 Robots did a phenomonal job in putting this together.  Hopefully it raises the awareness they are looking for.

It’s monday, so you have 2 days until new book day.  Spend the time reading this book from 7 Robots.
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