Writer: Jaakko Ahonen
Artist:Lauri Ahonen
Cover Artist:Lauri Ahonen
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Jaybird started as a project between two Finnish brothers, Jaakko and Lauri Ahonen. As it was their first book, it was originally started as an Indiegogo project that successfully funded. I’m not sure how Darkhorse entered the picture, but they were genius to get involved.
Jaybird, first and foremost, is a beautiful work of art. Other than a few panels of speaking, the story is told through use of beautiful imagery. The story tells us of a young Jaybird who lives with his infirmed mother in a great big old house, cut off from the rest of world. After suffering loss herself, the mother fills the young jaybird’s head with horror stories about what lies outside the home.
The book is basically a tale of fear and isolation, two simple concepts that everyone understands at some level. But the way the Ahonen brothers craft the tale and show such deep emotion almost entirely through pictures is absolutely amazing.

The cover of the book was enough to draw me in. I instantly saw it and thought “EDGAR ALLEN POE” and had to read it.  As you can see from the panels below, the young bird’s sense of inferiority and incompleteness is tangible.  You also feel how manipulative the mother is with her tales.  This is an absolute must get book.  I have said it so many times in recent months that it probably loses any potency, but Dark Horse is really hitting it out of the park.  They’ve figured out the formula for wonderful and impact-full books.  Run, don’t walk, to your local shop and grab this.




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