Tonight’s episode continued a bit where last week’s episode was going. “Alone” focused on Bob/Sasha/Maggie and again on Daryl/Beth.
We started out with a flashback of Bob when Daryl and Glenn first meet him. He lost his second group and was all alone, suffering from loneliness and his alcoholism. You could see in one scene where he is downing a bottle of cough syrup. It was a big frustrating that the focus of the episode was beat over our heads so bluntly. Bob must have talked about being alone 10 times and the title of the episode is alone. We get it. We don’t need the spoon feeding.


Sasha and Maggie are both in similar situations. Both are missing loved ones and aren’t in a position to begin to rationally process that. However, the way in which both women deal with the situation is polar opposites. Maggie is sure Glenn is alive. She refuses to even entertain the idea he could be gone and she’s going to do whatever to find him again. Sasha, however, doesn’t want to acknowledge Tyreese or whether he is alive or not. She clearly doesn’t want to go to Terminus because it might force her to deal with Tyreese being gone. Smiley Bob is forced to be the middle man between these two women and their butting wants. After having been out there all alone, he neither wants to be alone himself nor wants any of his comrades to be out there alone, so he is very adamant about the group staying together. By the end of the episode, Sasha is forced to face her fears and must continue towards whatever lies at Terminus.

Beth’s undying ability to see positives in things is finally starting to break through Daryl’s gruff exterior. It’s clear that the two are falling in love, which as I stated last week is rather creepy. Beth is the peace that Daryl has been looking for his entire life. It’s ironic that he finds his serenity during the chaos that is a zombie apocalypse. When it seems that the two may have find some semblance of peace, walkers infiltrate the home they’re staying in. In what was easily the most badass sequence in the show’s history, Daryl whips up on an army of walkers and runs to get Beth. But he is just in time to find she has been kidnapped. When exhaustion finally sets in and he can’t run after her any longer, Daryl breaks down. He is finally found by the same group of men that Rick ran across in the episode from 2 weeks ago. After knocking the leader to the group, he welcomes Daryl into the group.
So where are we at by the end of the episode?
Daryl is following the gang of bad men. Beth is missing. Bob/Sasha/Maggie are reunited and are heading towards Terminus. And it seems Glenn is also heading towards Terminus.

As a whole, we got a bit of a deeper glimpse into all 5 characters minds and personas. There was also quite a bit of action. However, I was left feeling a bit empty afterwards. For only having 3 episodes left in the season, it sure seems to be limping all the way to the end.

There are so many questions. Is there enough time to answer them all?
-We get hinted that we will see Tyreese and Carol next week. Where are Abraham and his group? Where are Rick/Carl/Michonne?
-Who exactly are these guys that Daryl is with? What sort of threat will they pose to our characters?
-Are these the men who have Beth?
-What exactly will we find at Terminus?
-Will Terminus end up being a place we know from the comics?

My wife is convinced that Daryl will revert back to his darker days when surrounded by the men and that finally finding Beth will make him come back around. I don’t see that happening, unless there is a cliffhanger and it happens next season. I think Daryl will stick with the gang out of necessity, but will break off in attempts to find Beth. And I know that nobody will want to hear this, but I don’t think both characters will make it. I think likely Beth will die, but I am not ruling out Daryl making a last heroic action in sacrificing himself to save Beth. But either way, I don’t see this gross romance ever coming to fruition.

As for Terminus, I think it will end up being a place analogous to a certain place from the comic. It will also be the place everyone is reunited. There will be survivors there, but they will be lacking unity and leadership and Rick will provide that.

I’m wondering who this gang will turn out to be. Will they end up being members of the Saviors? Will we finally see Negan in the show? I’m thinking yes. Negan has been a HUGE part of the comic series, they can’t possibly not have him be part of the show. I think having these guys causing such problems for Rick and Daryl and the others and finding out they’re just minions for a much worse guy will really set up a grim situation for the characters.

Finally, we haven’t had much of Abraham and his crew yet. Will we see more of them this season or will they just get established in this season and play a bigger role for next season?
We shall see.
Let us know your thoughts. We’ll see you next week, but not without leaving you with kill of the episode:

After getting caught in a wolf trap, Beth shoots the walker in the face with an arrow. It doesn’t kill him, but Daryl is right there to smash his face in with his crossbow.

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