OH WOW! What else can I say? Terminus is upon us and we are definitely not disappointed. Let’s jump right in.

It seems this is a Rick coming of age episode. We have a lot of flashbacks where he realizes that he is the one that needs to do for Carl. Carl needs him and looks up to him and emulates him. So, when Carl shot the boy, Rick became a farmer to teach Carl something different. Now that Rick has become a self-proclaimed “monster”, Carl is the same. Rick has had to morph into different people since the sickness started in order to survive and protect those that he loves. It all has built up to the last like of the finale: “They screwed with the wrong people”


Rick no longer feels the need to apologize because he is who he is for the greater good. Just as Carol did what she had to do to Karen and Lizzie for the greater good, Rick does the same.

As for Daryl, the internal tug-o-war is over. He’s realized that he has the power to be the person that the prison group thinks he is. He doesn’t have to fall back into the person he was before this all started. Seeing Rick and Michonne with guns to their heads was the final push he needed. He stepped up and offered his life in exchange. That offer of sacrifice was met with a very telling choice of words from Rick. Rick called him his brother. In most contexts, it’s a throw away. However, Merle was the last tie Daryl had to his old life. He lost his real brother and now he’s lost his old way of life forever. Now that he has taken up this better persona, he has a new, more appropriate brother: Rick.


Michonne recounts the story of how her son died. This was different from the comic, so the readers didn’t have an advantage over the viewers. When she told us about her son earlier in the season, I don’t know if we ever excepted to fully hear what happened. But it’s fun to hear that the zombie boyfriend was actually formerly her real boyfriend. The telling of her story to Carl helps him understand what his father had done and why. For as capable as Carl is and has become, he’s still just a kid and thus still thinks like a kid. Michonne has been a key figure in the development of Carl since his mother died.

Rick was quite smart with his idea to watch the people at Terminus before entering. However, the 8 minutes they spent watching wasn’t nearly enough. Terminus turned out to be as weird or more weird than most of us thought. Let’s discuss a bit. They all seemed waaaaay too calm for people to be during a zombie apocalypse. That’s a sure sign of a cult in my book. Then there was the pile of human remains that Michonne, Daryl, Rick and Carl ran passed. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? Are they eating people in this compound?? You shouldn’t normally have a pile of human remains in your compound. Finally, what was with that room? It seems as if they were running some sort of cult ceremony in that room. Could it also be the killing room? The floors were line with people’s names written on them.
Are they sacrificing people? Eating people? Both? I guess we will have to speculate until October.

Finally, we have the reunion between the Glenn/Maggie group with the Rick/Michonne group. They have pretty formidable numbers in that locked train car. However, they are still outnumbered and easily out gunned. If only they can escape to dig out the bag of buried weapons.

We are still missing the whereabouts of Beth and Tyreese/Carol. Will they be the ones that rescue the others? Is Beth still alive?
So many unanswered questions!!!

here’s my thougths:
I think the terminus people are cannibalistic and cultish.
I think we will have a major death early in season 5. Daryl? Michonne? Carl?
I also think Beth will be dead.
Rick’s persona will finally match where it is in the comic, a badass that will do anything to protect those he loves.

Kill of the night:

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