Tonight’s episode “Still” was the first episode to solely focus on 2 main characters. Those characters were Daryl and Beth. Beth is finally rebelling and Daryl finally breaks down. We start out with the two climbing into the trunk of a car to escape a group of walkers. The scene is very oddly shot, with a lot weird cuts and a confusing way of editing. You couldn’t tell if there were flashbacks/flashforwards cut in or if this was all the same scene. But regardless, it set an awkward tone for the episode. Why in the hell are they hiding in a trunk rather than just moving forward?
Daryl is content setting up a crappy make-shift camp, while it is clear that Beth wants to move on. She declares that she needs a drink. She’s never had one, but she nearly gets herself killed and is willing to go out on her own in order to get that drink. Daryl obliges and takes her on her way to find the firewater. Again, we have an awkward interaction between Daryl and Beth. This isn’t the interaction of friends. This isn’t the interaction between a body guard/client. This isn’t the interaction between elder/child. This fight stunk of stale marriage.

The two finally get to a country club. Beth insists that it will have alcohol. Once inside, there were all types of signs that this was not a good place. There were dead bodies all over the floor. There were walkers hanging from nooses still trying to bite despite their situation. Then when they got into the pro shop, there was the ominous sign that said “RICH BITCH” with blood on it. Clearly there was some sort of class war going on in the clubhouse. I’ll talk a bit more about this later with a few questions and guesses.
Finally, once Beth has her drink (peach schnapps), Daryl decides that’s not an appropriate beverage. He takes the two of them to a cabin to drink moonshine. During an intense game of “have you ever”, Daryl breaks down and admits that he did nothing before this all happened and that he was raised like white trash and was bitter towards people that had things. At first, I was thinking that the whole class war implication from the country club may lead to something in future episodes. But after Daryl blows up at Beth, I no longer think that. They started at a country club where Daryl was clearly uncomfortable and clearly was filled with rage. Then they head to a run down shack and he feels more in his element. In a self-contained manner, the whole class warfare was a representation of Daryl’s internal struggle. No more, no less. It’s really a shame that this is the case. The Governor is dead. everyone is split up. All that is really left is the living versus the walkers. This loses its suspense a bit. I had hope that whoever survived the class war would still be out there, as a potential antagonist.

Finally, after his breakdown, Beth and Daryl talk and decide to burn the cabin in effigy. It symbolized ending past traumas and internal prisons. Beth then hugs Daryl from behind.

The whole episode was both awkward and a clunker. Beth is supposed to be 16 in the show and Daryl is supposed to be at least in his mid-30s (if not older). Why the hell are they setting up obvious sexual tension between the two of them. You know Herschel isn’t alive because he would have kicked both their asses. As for the episode being a clunker, here’s my reasoning:
1) It was boring. They had to artificially create action by adding more and more walker attacks.
2) It was shot weird. The last episode was so beautifully shot and this one was mediocre with poor editing.
3) The sexual tension was weird.
4) Beth, for being 16 and being only days out from losing her father and sister, is way to upbeat.
5) Did I mention that its boring?

Going forward, we have a maggie/bob/sasha episode. Just like the other episode teasers from this season, we really don’t get to see much. So can’t really have any opinions. Here’s hoping for better episodes ahead.2

Finally the kill of the episode:
Not too many cool ones. I’ll give it to Beth with the wine bottle:

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