Wow. Just wow. I probably should not have been surprised at the ending of tonight’s episode. If you read the comics, you can probably guess this was VERY loosely based on a plot line from the comics. One twin was infatuated with the walkers and murdered the other to try to make him turn. There was a huge debate over what to do and Carl went in and took care of business. I guess part of me never thought AMC would go with murdering children, so it through me for a bit of a loop.


This episode started out quite boring, but by the end, it really advanced the characters of Tyreese and Carol and closed out with a bang. Through interactions with Mika and Lizzie, you can clearly see the progression of Carol as a person from the start of the zombie apocalypse to this point. Carol’s daughter Sophia was a very sweet girl. As a mother, Carol felt she could protect Sophia from everything and cocoon her, if you will. The option of running was always on the table. However, poor Sophia didn’t make it (as evidenced by nearly a whole season of looking for her). And Carol harshly learned the lesson that her old way of thinking would not work in this new world.


So Mika and Lizzie served as 2 representations. One was the Sophia raised by old Carol and one was the Sophia that new Carol would have raised. Also, Mika and Lizzie served as yin and yang to each other. Mika wouldn’t kill a living thing (not bad people or a deer), but she killed walkers because she understands what they are. Lizzie, on the other hand, had no problem murdering small animals and killed Mika without a second thought. But she was strangely obsessed with walkers and thought only she understood them. It was their polar differences that caused them both to lose their lives. It was really foreshadowed throughout the episode what would happen. Mika wouldn’t kill, even to save her own life. She said whats meant to happen will happen.


So when Lizzie killed Mika with a knife, you knew that she wouldn’t kill Lizzie to protect herself. Where the dilemma came is what to do with a child that doesn’t understand murder is wrong and murdered another child? In the comic, the adults never made a consensus. They spent the whole night debating. Then Carl took care of business and made the conversation moot. But it was surprising how quickly Tyreese and Carol made that decision. Even though it was probably the right decision, it was a difficult one to make.

Finally, Carol tells Tyreese that she killed Karen and David. She hands him her gun, fully expecting to be murdered. I think it was her way of suicide by Tyreese to atone for what she just did. But Tyreese forgave her. I think he saw how difficult the choice was to kill Lizzie and that she took the burden to do the task with so much pain and hurt that he knew she thought she really did what she needed to do for survival and not for sadistic pleasure. He saw the pain and sorrow behind the action that he knew they’ve all done things in this new world that they wish they didn’t have to do. So he forgave her. It was a pleasure to see the character growth.

Only 2 more episodes in the season. What do you think will happen?
Terminus is almost upon us!

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