MOTUC 2014 Club Etheria™

Get ready for our new limited subscription arriving in July to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of She-Ra®! Similar to last year’s add-on Club Filmation, we’ll have 6 new figures, shipping July through December, and subscribers will also receive a club-exclusive figure that will never be sold separately on or anywhere else by Mattel, making it a must-have for collection-completists. Club Etheria™ goes on sale Monday, 2/17 from 9 a.m. PT to Monday, 3/10 at 11:59 p.m. PT. The figures revealed include:

  • Double Mischief™: Coming 7/15
  • Madam Razz™ & Broom: Coming 8/15
  • Entrapta™: Coming 9/15
  • Light Hope™First time ever! All new sculpt, club-exclusive figure. Coming 10/15.
  • Mystery Accessory: There was a lot of buzz about this one. (Spoiler: It’s Sweet Bee’s helmet.  Get it, Bee and Buzz).

DoubleTrouble_EvilFace_02 Entrapta_06 LightHope_EtheriaSub MadameRazz_05 SweetBeeHelmet_11

Masters of the Universe® Classics at
Among the reveals from Club Eternia® were this year’s chase figures, Loo-Kee™ & Kowl™. This pair of Etherian creatures will first be available in limited quantities for Club Eternia® subscribers during Early Access in April, priced at $20 for the pair. After that they’ll pop up unannounced throughout 2014, similar to last year’s Hordak® Spirit. Fans also got a look at Goat Man™, the traveling convention figure on sale during April Early Access for subscribers. Goat Man™ will be available for purchase throughout the year at conventions such as Power-Con™, Grayskull Con, and others. (Are you organizing a Con and want Goat Man™ there? Private Message Toy Guru through the Fan Forums on Also revealed were the heroic warrior Rio Blast™ and a mystery accessory.

Goat Man™: Traveling convention figure
Loo-Kee™ & Kowl™: Club Eternia® chase figures
Rio Blast™: Club Eternia® figure, coming September 2014
Mystery Accessory: This mysterious book belongs to (spoiler…its Eldor)

BHG40_01 BHG43_01 Eldor_Book RioBlast_04

Masters of the Universe Minis™
These reveals were big, even though the figures were small. Each 2-pack contains a piece needed to build a mini Castle Grayskull® with a working Jaw Bridge. The last two 2-packs will be revealed at SDCC.

Pack 3: Mini Scareglow™ & Stratos® Figures
Pack 4: Mini Faker® & Man-at-Arms® Figures

MiniFakerMAA MiniStratosScareglow

Batman™ 7-Pack
Sinking into the sewers, the battle for Gotham City has gone underground to the slimy stomping grounds of Solomon Grundy. His evil team featuring The Joker and Two Face is no match for Batman™ with his super-sized swords and his trusted allies. Your slime is up, Grundy!

Gotham Tunnel Takedown™: 7-pack of 4” figures includes Batman™, Azrael Batman™, Red Robin, Nightwing, and 3 villains – Two Face, The Joker, and Mega Solomon Grundy. Coming fall 2014.

DC Universe Super Powers
A milestone in modern toy collecting comes to a close as the DC Universe Classics and DC Signature series makes a heroic finale. But we wouldn’t ride into the sunset without one final hurrah for our fans! Now, as we celebrate both the end of DC Universe Classics and the 30th anniversary of Super Powers, we’re proud to present a final six figure series in Four Horsemen style, with packaging harkening back to the classic 80′s toy line. As one era ends, we celebrate the entire modern history of collecting DC Comics action figures with the DC Super Powers 6″ collection!*

Batman™: coming September
Superman™: coming September
Wonder Woman: coming September
Gold Superman™: coming October
Green Lantern as The Riddler: coming October
Mr. Mxyzptlk: coming October
Kalibak: collect and connect figure


*While we are extremely excited for this Super Powers finale, please know this is a onetime 2014 sendoff. It does not represent a rebranding or potential relaunch of the 6” line. Once these are gone, they are gone!

DC Universe Total Heroes™
Super hero Firestorm was revealed, one of four quarterly deluxe 6” DC Universe Total Heroes™ figures for 2014.

Firestorm: Both brain and brawn in one body! Figure arrives with classic head, modern head, and energy blasts.

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