These images come from our good friends at  They show the new toys coming from Hasbro from Toyfair 2014.  If you don’t already read, you should!

The Star Wars Black line is continuing for the foreseeable future.  The Star Wars Rebels figures based on the cartoon are debuting.  A new line of Star Wars Command (army-men like figures).  And a slew of vehicles that will not hold drivers.

P1019591 P1019598 P1019600 P1019621 P1019623 P1019631 P1019632 P1019642 P1019643 P1019647 P1019655 P1019658 P1019660 P1019661 P1019680 P1019681 P1019691 P1019697 P1019708 P1019717

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