Today’s Vintage Toy of the Day comes from a toy line call TigerSharks from LJN Toys in 1987. This action figure line was based on the cartoon series from Ruby Spears which only lasted one season. The heroes feature transformable heads which flip when a trigger on the arm is pressed.. This resulted in the back panel being missing from many loose figures. The villains, such as T-Ray had other features such as water squirting action. The Dragonstein monster, Fish Tank playset, Sark vehicle & Saw Bill cycle were featured in the LJN catalog, but were never produced for this line.
This figure is one of the villains, Captain Bizzarly. Captain Bizzarly, a pirate with aquaphobia who controlled all crime-related activities on the vast oceans of Water-O until the Waterians froze him and his crew many years ago. T-Ray freed him and his men expecting them to help him. However, Bizzarly promptly betrayed T-Ray. Bizzarly now constantly tries to get rid of the TigerSharks and regain control of the oceans of Water-O.


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