Oh boy.  It’s been a while since I’ve done a VToD.  My wife and I just welcomed our first child into the world.  So, for those of you that have children know how hectic the last months of pregnancy and the first weeks of birth are.  Add working 2 jobs and this site on top of that and I slacked on bringing you VToD goodness.  I apologize and I plan to do better.  Without further ado…


Today’s VToD is F.L.U.F.F.I. from the Bionic Six. Bionic Six is an American/Japanese animated television series from 1987 from the same production company that brought us the Visionaries cartoon. The title characters of the series are a family of machine-enhanced human beings possessing unique powers after being augmented with bionic technology, much like The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. Each family member is given specific bionic powers, and thus they form a superhero team called the Bionic Six.

F.L.U.F.F.I. is a gorilla-like robot who lives as a housekeeper with the Bennetts. He regularly demonstrates a comical craving for aluminum cans that extends to casually devouring the Bennetts’s cookware, vehicles, or other metal objects. Despite his bungling behavior, he nonetheless proves helpful around the Bennett home, or assisting the Bionic Six with physical tasks in the field. F.L.U.F.F.I. was voiced by Neil Ross.

Produced by LJN in 1986, the line consisted of 13 figures (Jack, Helen, J.D., Eric, Meg, Bunji, F.L.U.F.F.I., Doctor Scarab, Glove, Mechanic, Madame-O, Chopper, and Klunk), five vehicles and one playset. These figures and vehicles were made up of plastic and die-cast metal with some of the figures having transparent limbs. The 13 figures were designed and copyrighted by Paul Samulski on behalf of LJN. F.L.U.F.F.I. the robot ape was difficult to find early in the show’s release, but became easier to come by later as the line lost popularity. Today, the line remains moderately collectible with the playset and vehicles being the hardest to come across.

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